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September 7, 2003 - 2003 Playoff Results

    Olive Oilers Capture a 5th St Helena Bocce Ball Title


    In a rematch of the 2002 season the top seeded Shatto Monteleone faced off against the 2002 champion Olive Oilers.  Game one was a sea saw battle with the Oilers taking the game 12-5.


    In game two Shatto Monteleone jumped out to a 8-2 lead but the Oilers mounted a come back to go ahead 10-9.  But in the final frame Monteleone posted three points to finish the game.  Sending the match to a third and decisive game.


    In game three Shatto Monteleone ran off seven unanswered points to take a 7-0 lead.  But in two frames with three and four points respectfully the Oilers tied the game at 7. Two frames latter the match was tied at 9, but Monteleone left a large opening that the Oilers took advantage of by scoring two points to make the game 11-9. In the last frame Rick Estes through his final shot touching pallino but Monteleone still had two balls left.  Their first shot missed the pick but the second was successful but the pallino rolled towards an Olive Oilers ball ending the match.


    The Olive Oilers have tied the Grapestompers with 5 titles each.  The two teams hold 10 of the 13 league titles.


    The Olive Oilers team members are Capo Brent Randol, Ray Particelli, Kevin Grubbs, Joe Beltrami, Rick Estes,  John Scholl, and Brad Jameson.


    In the consolation division the Sharpshooters got by the Big Wheels 12-9 to take the title.  In the championship division the Paisans beat Nordby Wine Caves to take the third spot.







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