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  1. Each match, consisting of three games, begins at 6:15 PM. A team unable to begin a match by 6:30 PM forfeits the match (3 games).

  2. The match shall begin with the flip of a coin between the captains from the two teams. The winner of the coin toss may choose either to have the first toss of the pallino or the color of the balls also the end to begin.

  3. A team can play shorthanded (minimum 3 players) but each player is only allowed to throw 2 balls.

  4. A team member can be inserted into a game at any time prior to the throwing of the pallino in any particular frame. A replaced player can not re-enter until the next game.

  5. The starting team may toss the pallino any distance so long as the pallino passes the centerline of the court and does not hit the back wall. If a player fails to toss the pallino past the centerline or the pallino hits the back wall the other team will toss the pallino, alternating until the pallino is in play. The team who threw the pallino will throw the first bocce ball. The player who throws the pallino must throw the first ball.

  6. Once the pallino is in play, it will remain in play even if it hits the back wall. If the pallino leaves the court or bounces back across the centerline the frame is terminated and play will resume at the other end with the previous starting team throwing the pallino again.

  7. If a live ball hits a player on the opposing team the throwing team may accept the result of the throw or replace all moved balls to their original positions and re-throw the bocce ball, at their option.

  8. DEAD BALL RULE: If a dead ball strikes a live ball(s) or the pallino, the live ball(s) and/or the pallino are replaced to their original position(s). A dead ball is removed from play immediately and may not be thrown again until the next frame. A bocce ball is “dead” when:

    1. the ball strikes the back wall; any bocce ball is considered dead on impact with the back wall.

    2. the ball is thrown out of turn; the ball is considered dead when thrown.

    3. the ball hits a player on the throwing team; the ball is considered dead when it strikes the player.

    4. the ball is not released before the thrower steps completely over the foul line, or the thrower crosses the centerline in the course of throwing the bocce ball. Or the ball flies past the center line before hitting the ground. The ball is considered dead when thrown.

    5. balls are picked up or disturbed prior to all of the balls being thrown. Opponent’s balls are replaced, own balls are dead.

  9. Each team will assign one player at each end of the court to do the measuring without interference from other members of the respective teams. The two designated players will agree to the point or points awarded. Players not playing in game must stay off the court.

  10. If a ball thrown from another alley disturbs any balls, the frame will be restarted.

  11. In the event of a tie after all balls have been thrown, no point will be awarded. The pallino will be thrown first from the other end of the court for the next frame by the team that threw it first for the no-point frame.

  12. If a player throws a wrong colored ball, it is exchanged with the right colored ball.

  13. In order to be considered a point, a ball must at least cross the foul line at the throwing half of the court.

  14. Players participating in any game must not cross the centerline during play except for personal convenience. Any such player crossing the centerline may not become involved in the game by directing, suggesting plays, measuring, or any other capacity.

  15. Scores of all games and the names of players during the match must be recorded on score sheets and placed in the bocce shed “completed games” envelope.

  16. Matches may be rescheduled only if the league president is notified more than 48 hours in advance of the proposed match time and the both team captains agree to the rescheduling. All matches must be completed by playoff time. Each team may request to reschedule only one match per half.

  17. Only Roster Players may compete in league play and players may only play for one team. All games involving ineligible players will be forfeited.

  18. Roster players must play in at least half of the matches to be eligible for post season competition.

  19. Teams may make roster changes during the first two weeks of the season and during a two week period in the middle of the season.

  20. If a team forfeits three matches during the season they will lose their priority spot the following season. If a team forfeits 4 matches they will be removed from the league.

  21. United States Bocce Federation rules apply to all situations not covered.

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